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Our shuttle management web application offers:


Customer calls with a pickup request. Your front desk can easily schedule a pickup at a specific time and location with just a few clicks! Once the pickup and guest information has been input, the pickup can be assigned to any and every member of your transportation team who will immediately get the pickup information and request via their mobile device.’s color-coded intuitive reservation dashboard allows easy tracking of pending, outstanding and completed customer pickups! tracks every measure of time during the transaction: a timestamp for dispatch, guest pickup and guest drop-off. can handle all three types of guest transportation request:

  • Dispatch: Customer calls the operator/front desk and requests immediate pickup. A driver is assigned to the pickup. Both guest and driver are notified immediately via their text, email or their mobile web app.
  • Reservation: The guest uses the application to schedule a specific pickup time for a tour or transportation, or reserve a spot on an existing, planned route. Once the reservation is scheduled, the customer is notified via email, text or the mobile web app as is the assigned driver.
  • Pending Reservation: Customer books a reservation for a tentative pickup time. via calling the operator or directly This is the case if the customer is arriving via airline, cruise ship or tour, with an uncertain exact time of pickup. Once the customer is ready, the customer can call to request pickup or use their mobile web app, which will convert the pending reservation into a dispatch.


Track all your transportation assets in real time with! Our specialized Feet Management software allows your front desk and managers to keep track of all customer transportation transactions via’s intuitive dashboard. All pending, outstanding and completed customer pickups are visible on an easy-to-read, interactive menu. tracks every measure of time during the transaction: a timestamp for dispatch, guest pickup and guest drop-off. In the case of a missing guest at time of pickup, the system can mark the guest request as a pending. The system sends a message to the guest and keeps track of the order until the guest makes contact again and requests another pickup.


Love to get accurate data on your business performance?’s reporting gives you in-depth transportation performance data to allow you to manage your fleet in the most efficient and cost-saving way possible. Create reports and documents to enhance your quality-control process and keep track of every aspect of your guest transportation! Print or export reports to PDF and Excel to track reservation status, driver performance and parking availability, organized by date, driver, operator, locations or time – sort by any field or view. Determine how well your fleet is servicing your guests how many trips were completed and which employees contributed the most. The software automatically documents all trips and transactions for easy referencing!

  • Commission Reporting: Create reports based on creation of the transportation or tour request, who collected the revenue and/or the driver who initiated the sale.


Issue car-specific parking permits right away, while the guest is checking in for different types of parking (Park & Cruise, Long-Term, CDL) and multiple lots. Our parking management tab compiles all parking permits in one location, provides parking passes on-demand and automatically calculates the correct fees for your lot via a customizable business-specific prompt. Create custom billing scripts based on number of people, luggage, hour or day.’s parking management page can give you a real-time, customizable status reports on the status of your customer lot. Manage parking from multiple locations and create custom packages that include parking and other guest needs.


Built into the platform is the ability to send advertising directly to customers via their mobile web app or printed confirmation pages or parking permits. Businesses can self-advertise to their customer base or cross-promote other businesses and affiliates to your customer base. Your business can charge for this premium advertising space and add another stream of revenue, all via!

Managing allows you to manage your transportation information and employees with one simple program! Establish accounts for all members of your front desk staff, management and fleet drivers. Receive customizable alerts based on pickup and drop-off thresholds to make sure guests are being taken care of, and to be ready with a solution if they are not. provides you with an unprecedented level of connectivity, accountability and bi-lateral information flow between the three actors of transportation customer relationship management: THE CUSTOMER, THE DRIVER and THE OPERATOR.


Put the customer information you collect through the reservation and communication system to good use. allows you to relay marketing information and calls to action directly to your customers through email or text messages — all without any additional costs! Turn a one-time guest into a repeat customer with a customizable email message promoting a discount, promotion or a new feature of your business, and put your collected customer information to work! Interested in marketing to your customer base in the future? collects email addresses so that you can send important information and conduct email marketing campaigns in the future!


In the age of social media and unprecedented demand for business transparency and customer interaction. With’s Feedback component, you can send a “Thank You” or a follow-up to every guest with a call to action for a survey or review — get instant positive reviews on your site, on booking sites or on social media from satisfied customers!

Have an unsatisfied customer who is claiming that your shuttle took too long or failed to pick them up? With, you or any of your managers can instantly print a report for the customer, with accurate information on which employee took the reservation, which driver performed the pickup and accurate time stamps of the customer’s reservation request call, wait time, route time, pick-up and drop-off. Have accurate information at your fingertips, any time there is a complaint!


Define roles, create assignments, allow different levels for multiple tiers of access. The levels can be split into Contractor, Front Desk Staff, Manager, Administrator and Driver. All levels of access can also be drivers, and receive pickup requests if needed.


Build custom, comprehensive pricing packages via Input unique prices for each of your routes and parking services into our software package for easy billing during the customer reservation process. Create specific geographical Travel Zones with variable charges based on distance. Establish a minimum charge, calculate charges for additional passengers, and determine fees for travel between Zones or Locations. Charging customers can be based on Zones or Trips input into the system based on number of guests (adult and child), luggage, and time taken. takes the hassle out of calculating fees, and creates pricing continuity for increased customer satisfaction!


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